I was inspired by a recent tweet to compile a master-list of infosec-related blogs. Of course I knew this would turn up quite a few results but I’ve really been amazed by how much is out there! Infosec blogs of all shapes and sizes are out there in the wild and I want to find ‘em all. Will try to keep this up-to-date as I run across new sites. I’ve split it into blogs from “individuals” versus those run by larger commercial organizations. If i’m missing one you know of, or it’s your blog that is missing, please contact me!

For anyone interested, I’ve made available my exported .opml file (last exported June 3, 2021) with the sources listed below. You can import this into the RSS reader of your choice! Personally, I use Feedly and can highly recommend the service. (I will try to update this export semi-regularly).

Boutique Security Blogs

Commercial Blogs

Writeup Blogs

Aggro Sites