• I finally maxed my Feedly Pro account with 2500 RSS subs. I unsubscribed from about 200 unreachable feeds to give myself some breathing room. I also reached out to support to see if there was any way to increase my max feed count, even if that means moving to their Enterprise plan.
  • I’ve been slacking on keeping up with The Mandalorian. Need to get caught up.
  • Invested in some gear from Foreverspin. I do love me a spinning top! My best spin time so far is 2 min 12 sec.
  • I was sick for about a week and during that time completely lost my sense of taste. That was a very unsettling experience. Tested negative for flu and Covid so not really sure what was going on.
  • I’ve got some fun travel plans coming up including Vermont, Dominican Republic, more in the Caribbean and maybe even Italy!
  • Quickly approaching June/July which is baby #2 arrival window!
  • I finally got back out to Sky Meadows for some hiking/volunteering.
  • The EarthRoamer looks awesome. Just short about a million dollars…
  • Elon announced CyberTruck delivery event hopefully by end of Q3 2023. OoOoOO!