Shellsharks Podcast
What I’m Learning
  • I’ve officially signed up for OffSec’s WEB-300/AWAE/OSWE course via the Learn One bundle.
  • 17 SANS certs… Think I’ll shoot for 20. Maybe I can make the GSE the last one!
Desk Setup
  • Ventura is out, but my old Mac Pro doesn’t support it. So I’m still considering what my next main computer will be. Likely something sporting Apple Silicon.
  • I’ve been rewatching Dragon Ball. Plenty silly but still so good.
  • The Apple Watch Ultra Ocean band is pretty great!
  • Santa brought me a rice cooker. Game changer.
  • Been pretty consistent lifting and going to the gym since October, planning on keeping it up in the new year!

See Ya 2022, Hello 2023!

2022 Highlights

  • Podcast Episodes: 11
  • Time Spent Shellsharkin’: 405 hours / 16.9 days
  • SANS Assignments (as vTA/Moderator): 5
  • Certifications: 3 (GOSI, GWEB, GSLC)
  • Fitness: Achieved great consistency lifting and going to the gym. Reduced my body fat percentage from 20%-16%.
  • Travel: Montreal, Deadwood (SD), Spain, Andorra, France!

Looking Forward to 2023

  • Looking forward to continuing the lifting/gym/eating better journey.
  • Focusing on achieving OSWE & honing appsec & coding skills.
  • Baby girl on the way!
  • Continue working on the blog, the podcast and other professional projects!