Site News
  • >shark week 2022!
  • I found this random reference to my site while doing some deep Google hunting. Weird…
  • The Tesla Shark is live!

Shellsharks Podcast
  • @QWORDsmith is back on the podcast this year for >shark week!
  • I really hate when I screw my podcast audio up by not speaking enough into the mic. I try to up the gain in post but that just accentuates the static/bg noise and the entire track becomes rather unlistenable.
  • 1 of the 45 podcasts on this random Reddit list. In fact, someone reached out to me because of this list to come on the show!
What I’m Learning
Desk Setup
  • Once again, I’m telling myself I’ll be hitting the gym and getting more active. I’ve even started getting out in the mornings and doing some hiking!
  • Helped out at SANSFIRE 2022.
  • Considering migrating from Notion to Obsidian. I literally just switched from Simplenote to Notion but I just find Notion soooo slow!

Sky Meadows

Meadow meets the sky,
Who am I?
Long lost, awanderin’ afloat.
Again on the mountain, I wrote.

Ridgeline canopied,
Scorched meado’.
Leafy streams, that endless babble.
Not a poet… though I dabble.