Site News
  • New transparent background for the shellsharks>_ image on the main page.
  • Now when you 404, you will be greeted by the fun derpshark.
  • The epic Sorcerer Shark!
  • I have some other cool artwork that is incoming… thanks angryrolypoly!
  • I have surpassed 3000 individual blogs in my infosec-blog collection - Wow
  • Currently gearing up for >shark week which takes place July 24-July 30 next month!
  • I really haven’t dropped any posts in a while… until recently!
Shellsharks Podcast
What I’m Learning
  • So, OSWE didn’t go as I had hoped. Will aim for an extension at some point…
  • I’m TA-ing SANS SEC503 for like the 4th time. This time with the course author, David Hoelzer and course contributor Andrew Laman.
Desk Setup
  • New teeny-Tesla addition to my desk. I’m building quite the garage.

Desk Teslas

  • Bought some stuff from Ten Thousand. That means I’m going to start working out right?

Despite how busy I’ve been with work and the blog lately, I’ve watched a suprising amount of TV/movies…