Site News
  • It’s been difficult working on new content with all the other projects I have in-flight. I have some things in progress and some other ideas but haven’t had time.

  • Debut of the Shellsharks Valentines day logo…


Shellsharks Podcast
  • The Podcast episode I had planned fell through after recording. Oh well, these things happen!
What I’m Learning
  • I’ve found a couple “learning roadmap” resources that I’ve been reading through…
  • I’ve (finally) ported by existing notes (namely the ones related to my infosec-ing) to Notion. It has much more functionality than my old notes app, Simplenote. I didn’t realize how many things I had stored in there over the years - close to 100 notes! I’m still using Simplenote for basic lists though.
  • I’ve set up the OWC Thunderbolt Dock. Works great!

  • I’m not sure when it began, but for a while my Mac Pro (2013) was shutting itself off just about every night (and in some cases even out of nowhere while I was using it). I attributed it to old hardware running the modern OS and the incompatibilities that might come with that. Though this may have been true, I managed to fix this issue by going to the Energy Saver settings pane in System Preferences and checking the “Prevent your Mac from automatically sleeping when the display is off” box. No issues since!

  • Refreshed word on Apple’s 2022 plans for the Mac Pro. The expectation is there will be a refreshed Intel Mac Pro and a new M1-laden version of the Mac Pro. I’m still interested in the Intel version but will consider the M1. We’ll see!

  • Hit the gym for the first time in a while. Membership has shot up to $150/mo which is insane.
  • Stocks are in the toilet… Stupid Putin…