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Shellsharks Podcast
  • I have an episode coming soon where I chat with the author of
  • Finally got around to somewhat setting up my Elgato Stream Deck. Mostly I added some stock tickers and a few day-countdown widgets. I did however configure one button to turn off/on the Hue lights around my desk area.
  • Purchased a 2x3 KVM switch (2 computers across 3 monitors) which will allow me to quickly jump between my personal machine and a work machine where both can be connected to all three of my monitors.
  • Expecting my OWC Thunderbolt Dock tomorrow which will help me easily swap different machines into my 2x3 KVM switch configuration. It’s an expensive dock so I’m hoping it works out well!
  • I recently sprung for the Apple One “Premier” subscription. This gives me News+ and Fitness+ in addition to everything else. I did it mainly for news but I’ll eventually get around to trying out Fitness+ again.
  • Need to catch up on The Book of Boba Fett. I feel like I’m a few weeks behind at this point.
  • Started (finally) watching (*cough* binging) The Americans. Really good so far after a few episodes.
  • Set up the Xbox but have done virtually nothing with it.
  • Played a little bit of the new version of Terraria.
  • Bought some RIVN. Almost immediately regretted it as that stock has dropped nearly 50% since. Then again, all tech stocks are sort of in the toilet right now…