Site News
  • My infosec blogs inventory has sailed over 2k individual sites. Really cool!
  • I’m working on some new artwork for the site.
What I’m Learning
  • I served as a SANS vTA for the ICS515 course. ICS has been a professional interest of mine for some time and it was nice to see how the course had changed since I took it a few years ago.
  • I’ve been somewhat resistant to the idea of purchasing an M1-powered Mac since its inception for the simple reason of it’s inability to (truly) virtualize Intel-based Windows. I recently discovered this and it has gotten me more excited about the possibility of being able to perform my professional/infosec-related tasks, in a virtualized environment, on an M1 Mac. With that said, and despite the insane power of the new M1 Macbook Pros, I still find myself wanting the beast that is the 2019 Mac Pro
  • TSLA volatility has been nice for some weekly gainz.