Site News
  • I’ve added a lot of additional “about me” context to the about page. Simply roll over the different elements in the $whoami section!
  • I’ve also coupled a “Projects” section with the article archives page to serve as a quick way to jump to the projects I continually update.
Shellsharks Podcast
  • I normally don’t use beta versions of iOS/iPadOS/MacOS but I couldn’t help myself this year. I decided to install the public beta of iPadOS 15 mainly for the widgets-anywhere-on-the-home-screen feature. So far, it hasn’t disappointed. I really like both the look and the utility of these widgets. I know my Android brethren out there will scoff at this but, yeah - iOS widgets are really useful and do so in style. I don’t use that many - calendar, a to-do list, stock ticker, photos and weather are all that I’m using right now.
  • I’m finally back out on the court (at least one day a week now).
  • I’ve been watching Disney’s Clone Wars spin-off, The Bad Batch and have really been enjoying it. It’s retains a lot of the silliness the original series brought but continues to delve into interesting elements of the Star Wars Universe, this time immediately after the rise of the Empire.
  • The Loki show has also landed and after the first four episodes I am definitely hooked. The way this show ties in with the rest of the Marvel universe was really clever and Tom Hiddleston is as great and Loki-ish as ever.
  • Finally, I finished up season four of The Handmaid’s Tale. Through four seasons this show has managed to stay pretty exciting. This season was particularly intense but I think that was in part due to my new parenthood status.
  • I’ve spun up an Untappd account. You can check out my eclectic brew-tastes there.
  • Played some frisbee golf at Spilman Park and Jenkins Mountain. Jenkins Mountain was a new course for me and trying to do it after 18-holes at Spilman proved to be too much. The first couple holes of Jenkins Mountain were (at least to me) a little too difficult - though I plan to conquer it sometime soon. Besides the views of the Shenandoah Mountains, the best part of this course is that it begins right at the front door of Skyline Brewing and by the time you get to hole 3 you find yourself at the Little Washington Winery!
  • I made my way out to Old Bust Head brewery. Though it’s a little further away for me than many other breweries, I think they have the best beer of any place I have tried in the NoVA area. This trip did not disappoint as I had their Buckland Mill Milk Stout and wow… it was not only easily the best milk stout I’ve ever had but easily one of the best all around beers. Only twice have I ever drank a beer and thought to myself, this is the perfect incarnation of this type of beer. (The only other two times being with Pilsner Urquell while in the Czech Republic and the Westvleteren 12 while in Belgium.)
  • Drove down to South Carolina (for the first time in like four years) and re-united with some family. It was a really great time. Great food and of course boiled peanuts!