Site News
  • I’ve “officially” launched the Vulnerability Management Bootcamp (* v0.99), which is a relatively in-depth piece (over 15k words). * There are a few finishing touches I need to apply to the bootcamp, hence the 0.99 version number. Ultimately, I intend on creating a series of bootcamps and trainings similar to the VM bootcamp and have them all be part of a greater effort - Shellsharks Academy (or something like that). Successful completion of any individual bootcamp would (in this future scenario) earn you a certification, and combined with multiple other trainings, could net you a “graduate” certificate in a sense. The academy as an idea lives exclusively in my head for now but I’d like to see where I can take it once I get some feedback on the initial offering.

  • In creating this initial VM bootcamp, I learned a little about testing jekyll sites remotely (see cli snippet below) as well as the limitations of the Javascript onmouseover action on mobile. Long story short, it doesn’t work well.

bundle exec jekyll serve --host=
Shellsharks Community
Shellsharks Podcast
  • So the first episode (as well as the introduction episode) of The Shellsharks Podcast has been recorded, yay! It is however not available for streaming, yet. I need to find how to actually get it into Podcast apps. This requires finding suitable hosting (maybe SoundCloud?), creating an RSS feed and submitting the podcast to the necessary places. Hopefully I can sort this out by the end of this week. As a sneak peak though, check out the Podcast art below!
the shellsharks podcast
What I’m Learning
  • So I (finally) sat for my GIAC GCPN certification exam and am happy to report I did very well (scoring a 90%)! The exam was pretty easy in my opinion. I have a review of the exam/class on the site if you are interested. In preparation for the exam, I used only one of the two practice exams SANS provides which meant I was able to give the other away. It’s nice that SANS allows you to do this.
  • Apple recently held their Spring event wherein they introduced a variety of new and interesting products - new 4K Apple TV, improved Apple TV Siri remote, AirTag, M1-powered iMacs, a new purple iPhone 12 and most importantly (for me), the new M1-laden iPad Pro. I’d previously complained about not having an iPad but was (somewhat) patiently waiting for Apple to refresh these devices before purchasing another one. Well I’m glad I waited! The introduction of the M1 chip into the iPad doesn’t just mean the iPad will benefit from the performance improvements which the M1 brings. This also hints at a future for the iPad that might include other “desktop-class” applications (such as XCode!). I’m very excited for what this will mean for the iPad in the future and think this is a good time to get in, as the M1 future-proofs this purchase for some time.

  • A quick comment on AirTag: I think these are cool - but, I’m not sure I have enough concrete reasons for getting them quite yet. I’d like to think of four solid use-cases and then buy one of the 4-packs. These are my potential AirTag use-cases so far…

    • Put one in my car: My car currently has a feature where I can pinpoint it’s location via GPS so I’m not sure if this is a great use-case. I think the AirTag would have better accuracy though in a crowded parking lot or if GPS coverage is poor.
    • Frisbee Golf: I do a little frolfing and occasionally will throw a disc so deep into the woods that I have a hard time finding it. This could be the answer to that issue. The real question is, where can I place the tag on the disc and would it non-trivially affect its ability to fly in the same way. Also I have to consider the implications of throwing a disc into a pond and losing the $25~ tag completely.
    • Purse: Not for me, but for the wife. Maybe she would want to track this? I’d have to ask.
  • Though I haven’t been exercising nearly as much as I’d like to (or at all really), I did recently purchase some new shoes that I hope to use for running. That combined with a little less mid-week craft beer enjoyment and I think I can achieve some health points.
  • I’ve been watching “The Good Place” and though I think the name is a pretty silly, the show is very good.
  • I’m on Clubhouse now (@mk3s). I haven’t really gotten that into it yet but if you’d like to connect with me there that’d be cool.

  • I started a new job! More details on this to come…

  • Warmer weather is here! This, coupled with having received my second vaccination dose (Pfizer) means I will be enjoying more of Northern VA’s excellent wine region. In fact, I recently went to Two Twisted Posts winery and really enjoyed not only the wine but also the laid-back vibes. I definitely recommend it!