April! Not quite reliably warm yet in NOVA but getting there. This past month has really been a blur…

Site News
  • I introduced a few new features to the site in the past month. Tags, a disclaimer and a couple new social links (i.e. Reddit & Mastodon) to name a few (EDIT: Removed Mastodon link - no one really uses that). Does anyone actually use Mastodon? I’m particularly proud of my tagging implementation. There’s nothing overtly challenging about how it’s being done, I just think it’s cool. Definitely check it out. I also changed up the way I use Font Awesome to display the little icons you see on the home page (and sprinkled elsewhere around the site). It was actually really easy to switch from the locally-served variety to the remote, JS approach which brings the icons in directly from Font Awesome’s servers.
Shellsharks Community
  • I’ve learned that maintaining an active Discord server is hard. But that’s ok, not every wants to chat infosec every day like myself. That’s perfectly ok! Where there is endless engagement however is Reddit. I’ve set a personal goal for myself to average at least one post or comment a day over the course of this entire year (so at least 365 posts/comments). The idea is for these posts/comments to be substantial, helping out the community, answering questions, etc… It’s April 3rd today, so we’re about 90+ days in and I have approximately 115+ comments/posts so far, so I’m on track to meet or exceed my goal. Will likely report on this throughout the year and have some interesting statistics (e.g. # of posts, total karma gained, etc…) by the end of the year. On the topic of Reddit - I also dropped a link for my Getting Into Information Security write-up and it got pretty positive feedback which was cool.
Shellsharks Podcast
  • Update on the podcast - Basically, I have everything I need now to actually start it up. I was missing some of the software I needed to route, record and inject the audio, and I wanted a decent webcam to see my cohost(s) and/or guest(s). I’ve now acquired all of this stuff. Recording and then publishing of episode 1 should (hopefully) be sometime in the April timeframe!
What I’m Learning
  • As I previously mentioned, this past month has been a bit of a blur (much of my focus has been on a secret project). Mostly I have been making a couple of (imo) cool additions to the site and learning more about Jekyll along the way. My studying for the SANS SEC588 Cloud Penetration Testing course also got thrown on the back-burner. I need to pick this back up soon or my exam attempt will expire…
Desk Setup
  • I’ve made just one important change to my current desk setup and that is the addition of the Logitech Brio webcam (Purchased on Amazon). This was one of the last things I needed for all things meetings, podcasting and generally keeping up with people via video chats in a quarantined world. The quality of it is really nice, it is simple plug-n-play with MacOS and the default field-of-view is good imo. I have it sitting on a little camera tripod I found lying around my house which puts it at a good level relative to my face. Now between the 4k web cam, the pod mic and using the headphones for audio-out, my setup for meetings is maybe a little over the top, but the quality is great so I’m happy with this setup.


  • Update on the AirPods Max - Basically, I returned them. The audio quality was good but to my ears not so great that they were really worth the $550 price tag. At the time I was trying them out, they were suffering from a pretty serious battery drain issue and this was one of the big reasons I was unhappy with them. Of course, this seems to have been remedied in a recent firmware update but, oh well. In the end, I’m happy I returned them.

  • iPad. I had to give the one I had up and since then have really missed it. I haven’t went off and bought a new one yet as the upcoming models are supposedly going to be announced soon. My iPad story is one of not knowing what you’d miss until you no longer have it. Turns out, I used my iPad quite a bit! I would load recipes up onto it for cooking, it was my couch-web-surfing machine of choice and I used it a lot for browsing/responding to things on Reddit, etc… I think I’ll definitely be picking another one up, just have to wait for the new models.

  • Just forget everything I said last time about Apple’s Fitness+. Well… maybe not everything. I still think the service is cool and something I might be able to get into, but I haven’t kept up with it. With warm weather here around the corner I am however hoping to get a little more active and start to burn off some of this winter/Covid chub I’ve managed to accumulate.
  • Finished up the re-watch of Game of Thrones. Still awesome overall. The final season is OK… could have been better. Other than that - I’m not a real crime documentary person but I heard interesting things about the Netflix special The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel and decided to give it a shot. My review is essentially – Yeah, that video of Elisa is strange and definitely creepy, but that documentary tries waaaaay too hard and is really one of the worst things I’ve ever tried to watch. 0/10 would’nt recommend.
  • Haven’t been playing much of anything (busy with secret project). This game looks pretty cool though. Might have to give it a shot.

Not too much interesting to report. But I am excited about it warming up! I’ve missed playing frisbee golf.