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Captain's Log (April 28, 2022)

Site News
  • I’ve got a number of interesting posts in-flight. At this rate I’ll have them ready for >Shark Week in July .
  • I’ve debuted two new Shellsharks doodles, one for World Circus Day and one for Earth Day.



Shellsharks Podcast
  • A new episode is incoming! (Working on editing now and hoping to publish tomorrow.)
What I’m Learning
  • I’m going to pull the trigger on a LeetCode Premium sub. I also got back into HackerRank and started knocking out some of those challenges.
  • Currently reading Bulletproof TLS and PKI (2nd edition) and Threat Modeling (by Adam Shostack).
  • Officially started Offensive Security’s WEB-300 course. With any luck I’ll be taking the OSWE exam in June.
  • In the midst of all this other stuff, I’m also learning as much platform security/engineering as I can (e.g. AWS/Cloud, Kubernetes/Containers, APIs/Microservices, etc…) I’m even thinking of dropping in on some sessions at PlatformCON 2022.
  • Summer is upon me and I’ve been wanting to upgrade my desk space with a fan. I recently picked up Dyson’s Pure Cool TP01 fan in White/Silver. I really like the aesthetic and low-profile. The air-power is pretty good and it even has some air-purification capability. The only complaint I have so far is there is a mechanical whine at power level 6 (randomly) which is not present on any other level. I’d say overall it’s decently quiet but not anything astounding. For now I think I’ll be keeping it.
  • Finished The Punisher on Prime. I really enjoyed it.
  • Currently watching Marvel’s Moon Knight. That’s good so far.
  • The Halo TV show is in full swing. For super-fans of the OG games, this show has been pretty awesome.
  • As if I haven’t watched enough Marvel stuff lately, I’m considering binging the Daredevil TV series next.
  • Even though Lebron didn’t make it, I’m of course still watching the NBA Playoffs. Boston looks like a strong choice to win it all at this point.
  • TSLA had a reported stock split incoming, however no new news yet…
  • Looks like Twitter to Elon Musk is happening. I think a lot of improvements can be made to the service and Elon seems motivated to do so. I mostly just hope this doesn’t take too much mindshare from his other ventures I am more interested in (*cough* Cybertruck *cough*).

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